The World We Live In

 In an age of “fake news,” something as simple as an honest answer can seem elusive. Various factions hurl accusations of dishonesty at one another. Far too many outlets are committed to telling frivolous stories or only reporting one side of the important ones. There are untold powerful interests that converge and conflict in the modern world and finding one to defend is usually a lucrative endeavor.  Accuracy and depth are thus recognized as commodities now.

Of course these have always been commodities, and “fake news” is nothing new. Matthew Hopkins published “The Discovery of Witches” in 1647, and did his part to help relay “fake news” to millions of people. By the early 1600’s the infamous “witch trials” were already well under way, and a man like Hopkins merely stood on the shoulders of trolls. Indeed, we humans have always told baseless stories that affirm and encourage misguided behaviour. 


What is jarring about the current era is that facts and lies can be relayed with ease to unprecedented numbers of people. With high stakes on the table there are those who make light of the distinction between lies and truth. However, the truth isn’t complicated; it’s a reward. The truth belongs to those who dig for it with honesty, integrity, conviction, and relentless discipline.