What We Do

Misinformation comes down to bad incentives, bad processes, and conflicts of interest. We take all that out of the equation and implement four key features that ensure quality in everything we do: 

1) Establishing research specifications a-priori as this is one of the most effective safeguards against misinterpretation and misrepresentation of the facts.

2) It is with pride that we require all the funding for a given research project up front so that leverage is out of the question when it comes to finding and reporting the facts.

3) Strong channels whereby our funding and revenue streams are coming from parties with a healthy amount of distance and impartiality with respect to the subjects we are researching.

4) Above all, an empirical approach rooted in the scientific method and logical positivism.

Prior to conducting any research, we place all new projects through a strict peer review process that will be documented and transparent from start to finish. Where privacy concerns and discretion aren’t an issue we may open our process up to the public for feedback and review. Through our online channels, the public may have the opportunity to suggest, promote, critique and fund research ideas that they find interesting and compelling.